event info 2019

Event date

Each year SkateFresh is organised around the weekend of ascension day. That means that for 2019 the date will be from Wednesday May 29th till Sunday June 2nd. Due to travelling schedules from participants the Sunday tour will end around 14:00 hrs.


For who

SkateFresh is an inline skating event. Daily tours will be skated at an avarage speed of aproximately 20km/h. This means that if you wanna join this event you must be willing and able to skate all four days at such pace.

Inline skaters first

We had to decide to give priority to skaters above cyclists. Reason for this: we see more and more skaters ditch their inline skates and hop on their cycles. We know some of you are forced to do that because of injuries, health issues etc. but SkateFresh still is an event meant for inline skaters.

This means that cyclists can register as usual, but in case the number of participants for a country is reached, inline skaters come first.


SkateFresh offers participants 4 inline skating days. Groups will be guided at different speeds (minimum average at least 20km/h). Each group at approximately 10-12 persons. Daily tours will be approximately 70-80km, except for Sunday (45km).

Place to be

SkateFresh 2019 has a perfect accommodation, very close to Rotterdam. This means that the daily tours will lead you through all that Rotterdam and its next door cities have to offer. The smoothes cycling paths and roads we can find directly into the city centre and all hot spots when it comes to nature and sceneries. In villages you have to count in to cross pavers (stones). 



Like other years SkateFresh offers a combination of group accommodation and camp site. When registrating for the event you can choose between these two. However, kindly note that for 2019 participants have to be aware that athe location is not suitable for camper vans. 

Drinks and meals

Included in the fee for the tour are evening dinners, starting  Wednesday May 29th, and the morning breakfasts on each day, provided by a known catering service. While skating water breaks including a variety of snacks will be provided by the organisation. Lunch breaks, coffee stops and icecream breaks are at your own expense and same counts for evening drinks. 

Number of participants

Due to the limitations of our accommodation the maximum number of participants is 50. Our goal is to stimulate an international composition of participants. This means that we set a maximum number of participants per country. Same counts for skating groups with as much as possible mingled nationalities. Spoken language due to this needs to be english.


Event fee for SkateFresh 2019 is € 215 per participant. After registration and approval you will receive an invoice. Once paid your participation is definate and cannot be withdrawn. In case you cannot make it to join the event due to injuries you may resell your place to another inline skater. Kindly note that you have to take care of that yourself.


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