Welcome at SkateFresh

What we do? The SkateFresh Foundation organises each year a four-day inline skating event. our goal is to enjoy inline skating in the netherlands with an as much as possible international group of skaters. Each year the event is situated in a different part of the country.

We always search for the best asphalt possible combined with nice views of the region. SkateFresh is not a race, but a combination of practising our sport, enjoying sceneries and having fun.

The concept

In the early years we had an other place to stay overnight. Nowadays we have a group accommodation including camp site from where daily tours will be skated.


Breakfast and dinner is included as well since we work together with a catering service, cooking and preparing meals using fresh ingredients at the location. Lunch break and evening drinks are at participants own expense.

SkateFresh 2019

Early september we had an evaluation day with all team members. We discussed SkateFresh 2018. We also inventarised whether to continue or not. The outcome was a definate YES. So there will be a SkateFresh again in 2019, with some changes though. Please check the event info 2019 page for all details.

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