will there be a pick up or following bus while skating

NO, since we’ll skate a round trip each day we don’t have pick up or following bus. if you are not able to skate anymore during the day you can use public transport to return to the accommodation.

it might be a good idea to download the following app on your smartphone (don’t forget it needs online Data!):

android devices/Google Play

apple devices/Itunes Apple Store


do we need to take our own sleeping bag and pillow?

YES, whether you have chosen for dormitory or camp site/camping in both cases you need to bring your own:

  • bed cover
  • pillow and pillow cover
    (for pillow you might also grab some clothes together and put that in a pillow cover)
  • sleeping bag
do we skate from and to another place each day?

NO, we’ll each day from the same location.
the only things that you have to bring with you each day will be hip bag with drinking bottle, some sport bars if needed and a rain jacket if neccessary.
we’ll provide each day (except Sunday) two waterpauzes where we serve water, grenadine and some snacks.

can I still register for SkateFresh?

at the moment of writing SkateFresh 2019 is fully booked.

how do I know whether I can participate or not?

in week 47 we’ve informed the registrated persons concerning status. you have received either an invoice payable, or you are informed that we had to put your registration on the waiting list.
if you haven’t received any mail, you might check your spam-folder or send us a message for an update via info@skate-fresh.nl

can quad-skaters participate?

NO! unfortunately, but this tour is meant for inline-skaters only

what age must participants have

participants must have reached the minimum age of 18 years

what to do if you’re registered, but you can’t participate in this event?

we can’t refund any participation fees, but you may search for a substitute.
please contact us to see if we can help you.

what should I do if I’m following a special diet?

every day we will also cook a vegetarian meal.
please inform the organisation if you wish to join the vegetarian dinner table.
if you follow a special diet such as glutenfree, vegan, … please send a mail to info@skate-fresh.nl, so we can see what we can do for you.

will we be skating when it’s raining?

we will continue skating on all wheater conditions as long it’s safe enough.


do i need to have experience in inline skating?

Important will be that all skaters are used to skate in the so called ‘trains’.
This will allow you to spare energy and will be more fun for the Group instead of skating alone…..
also: it’s more safe for all members of your group as well…..

can I participate without wearing a helmet?

wearing a helmet is obligated while skating during this event.

what’s the average speed of the daily tours?

the level of skaters normally will be wide. some are faster, some are a bit slower. skaters will be divided in smaller groups (approx 8-12 persons each) with different speed levels. 

during breaks (or the next day) you will have the chance to switch to a slower/faster group as well.

but talking about speed: in other not to have discrepancies with the time schedule the general average speed range is set to be minimum 20kmh.