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Last year we introduced a newly designed SkateFresh cycling jersey. We were happy that many of you took the chance to buy one. For us as a foundation it means that when wearing at other events the word of SkateFresh will be spread. It would be cool if many participants wear this jersey also at SkateFresh 2019!

In addition to this jersey we have designed an all season jacket as well. In summer this jacket is to wear prior and after your activities, whereas in winter you can can wear it as an second or outer layer above your regular shirt(s) Due to the thin fleece lining the jacket will give you lots of comfort.

Click this link so see all details of both cycling jersey and all season jacket.

SkateFresh cycling jersey

Each jersey comes with the following specifications:

*  100% quick-dry polyester, around the shoulder light and stretchy parts, on the sides  breathable inserts
*  Gummy band gripper at the end of the sleeves and at the bottom of the jersey (hips area)
*  Full size YKK Zipper
*  3 back pocket, middle pocket including extra back pocket with inside zipper for car keys etc.

SkateFresh all season jacket

In addtion to the SkateFresh cycling jersey we have designed an all season jacket for wearing prior and after activities. In winter time this jacket is to wear as a perfect outer layer.

specifications of the SkateFresh all season jacket:

*  100% quick-dry polyester, 4-way stretch material
*  Soft, rubbed fleece lining on the inside
*  Optimal temperature management combined with comfortable fit
*   Long sleeves (a bit longer than regular due to 'road race fit' which is a bit more bend forward)
*  Full size YKK Zipper
*  3 back pockets
*   to use while relaxing, during warm-up and after your activity finnished

Offer for SkateFresh participants

We can offer you the high quality SkateFresh cycling jersey for EURO 45 each and the all season jacket for EURO 60 each.
In order to receive the jackets in time before the event we have set a fixed ultimate date for ordering:

Saturday March 23th 2019

After your payment you will receive your all season jacket upon arrival on Wednesday May 29 2019, just in time for wearing it during SkateFresh.

Order your SkateFresh apparel

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*   The SkateFresh Foundation cannot be held responsible if your ordered size doesn’t fit.
*   When ordering you will receive an invoice payable. As we need to order directly after closure of the ordering time frame, your order cannot be changed nor cancelled. 

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