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Of course we hope that we may receive many registrations for this privately organised event.
But before you are going to register for this event we kindly recommend you to go through the terms and conditions as published below.

Terms and conditions of SkateFresh

These terms and conditions document is provided as an information service only and consist of two parts

  • Part A, containing general terms and conditions
  • Part B, containing a participants declaration, which is to be signed upon the start of the event as well

PART A: General Terms of SkateFresh

Registration, Invoice and Payment
After registration the participant will receive an automatically generated confirmation of his/her registration showing the details which have been filled in on the registration form.
This confirmation doesn’t count as a guarantee of participation.

Selected participants will be guaranteed of their participation after receipt of an invoice, issued by the organization, followed by payment of such invoice.
The event is without engagement and can, if necessary, be revoked by the organizer.
The organizer reserves the right to cancel the agreement with immediate effect if the number of registrations is smaller than the required minimum number as stated on the website. 

Contact details (Participant)
The participant shall provide the organizer his/her personal details and his/her fellow-participant(s). The participant will inform organizer if any changes occur.
If a participant does not satisfy to the insight of the organizer to the physical or mental requirements for the trip, the organizer can, in exceptional cases, refuse a participant.
In that case the paid amount of €240 minus the costs made by the organizer will be returned to participant

Contact details (Organizer):
SkateFresh Holland s.v.

E-mail: info@skate-fresh.nl
Website: www.skate-fresh.nl


Chargeable amounts
The published cost of the trip is per person and based on the prices as known to the organizer when the information on internet was made active.


The chargeable amounts must be at the organisers disposal within the period as stated on the invoice issued by the organizer.

If the chargeable amount is not received in time, the organiser will mention this to the participant via e-mail. If the chargeable amount is not received within 5 days after sending the e-mail, the registration is presumed to be not valid.


Cancelation (by Participant)
Because SkateFresh is a private organised skate event there will be no restitution of funds in case of cancellation by the participant.

Cancelation (by the Organizer)
The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event due to severe change of circumstances. In case of a cancellation by the organizer, an alternative proposal will be made by the organizer, if possible. If this is not possible the organizer will refund all payments to relevant participants.

Participant replacement
Before the start of the event, the participant can substitute the name of the participant subject to an other skater. The person booking the trip, the participant and the substitute participant are jointly and severally liable with respect to the organizer for payment of the outstanding part of the invoice total.

Changes by the organizer
The organizer has the right to modify services of the event to one or more substantial points due to important circumstances.

NON-responsabillities of organizer
Organizer cannot be held responsible for any damage against which the participant has insured himself or chosen not to insure himself (for example travel insurance, health insurance and others)
Organizer cannot be held responsible for any missing connections/not arriving at the place of destination.
Organizer cannot be held responsible for failures of other third party service providers, nor for the correctness of information supplied by this other third party service provider.
Organizer cannot be held responsible for possible promises of its employees and/or third parties.
Above mentioned non-responsibilities also apply for the organizer’s staff and/or volunteers.

Participants obligations
The participant(s)

  • is/are under the obligation to follow instructions provided by the organizer serving to ensure the smooth fulfillment of the event and is/are liable for any damages caused by any unlawful behavior.
  • is responsible for damage which the organizer, their employees by its error incur.
  • is obligated to avoid or limit damages as much as possible


The participant must ensure that he or she has the possession of the required documents (passport, identity card), the visas (if applicable).

The participant will inform him/herself at the authorities concerned if previous obtained information concerning the documents and visa’s is still valid.

All relevant communication concerning the event will be published through the following channels:
Website www.skate-fresh.nl
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/skatefresh.refreshed
E-mail info@skate-fresh.nl
The participant himself/herself is said to be responsible for taking note of any communications published by the organizer.
Organizer will inform participants in time of any relevant details concerning the event.


PART B: Participants Declaration of SkateFresh

Organizer will provide a participant declaration which is to be signed by each individual participant upon arrival at the event.
This declaration will contain the infomation as follows:

    • Participant is fully aware that participating in this event is a potentially risky and dangerous activity, which can cause serious injury and even death.
    • Participant will not participate in this event and will not inline (speed) skate unless he is medically fit and physically in (good) condition. In case of physical or medical impairment which will complicate the practice of the sport the participant will notify the organization immediately.
    • Participant is aware that on the route there will be vehicles and other road users and that during the event the participant will have the status of a normal road user. In the Netherlands, skaters have the same status as pedestrians.
    • Participant will accept all risks and consequences joined to inline (speed) skating this tour including contact with other participants, the risks joined to collision and falling, the effect of weather conditions and the conditions of the roads.
      Participant is responsible for his own material and luggage during the event.
    • Participant will not put responsibility with the organization for loss, theft or damage suffered before, during or after the tour.
    • Participant will have to declare himself, his heirs, executors, or anyone else who would place a claim on his behalf, to waive prosecution by fault, to not claim compensation and to guard the members of the SkateFresh Organisation and all those connected to the organization of the tour against any and all claims of responsibility for death, injury and personal or material damage of any kind be it foreseen, unforeseen, known or unknown.
    • Participant is obliged to wear a CE quality helmet during all skate activities during the full duration of the tour. Participant is recommended in wearing sufficient body protection as well.
    • Participant will have read and agreed to the in part B mentioned declaration.


contact us

If you have any questions, suggestions whatsoever concerning SkateFresh, please feel free to send us a message through info(at)skate-fresh.nl

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